Abu Dhabi offers unlimited options for lounge restaurants, which combines the exquisite sea view which will take away your breath. So, if you are on a hunt to find the best beach restaurant in Abu Dhabi, visit Bravo lounge and restaurants. Here, you can peacefully savour your food while diving and soaking into a lovely location.

Tucked away on the pristine shore of the gulf, Bravo restaurant is one of the most sought-after restaurants in Abu Dhabi. The restaurant is known for its serenity and soft ambience during the day. You will be laid back with the beauty and elegance of the restaurant, and Bravo has a contemporary design with a Mediterranean touch – thus creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. But, the most eye-catching visual you will ever find is – miles of turquoise blue water with white sand sparkling in the sun.

No matter if you are seated inside the restaurant or walking around the beach sipping pina colada, you will be mesmerised by the scene. Also, the ocean provides the perfect backdrop if you are planning on having a proposal photography!

At Bravo beach bar and restaurant in Abu Dhabi, take the luxurious vibe and enjoy the specialty Mediterranean food with perfectly crafted drinks. If you are wondering about what to have at Bravo, well, we have sorted that out for you. You will be given a menu with various food options – from seafood to beef, chicken, and vegetables – this lounge restaurant has it all for you. The food is cooked with authentic Arab spices and bursts with ethnic flavor. In addition, they offer food from other parts of the world, such as tacos, burgers, etc. Thus, you have everything that your stomach craves! After lunch or dinner, you can get a shisha of your choice and have a good time dancing along to the DJ on the beach.

Also, the staff are always there to help you out with the menu and also help you decide what food you should try. No matter if you are having a dinner date or just visiting with family, they ensure you are taken care of and your needs are met with utmost professionalism.

So, next time you are in Dubai, don’t forget to visit and treat yourself to some good delicacies at Bravo – the best Abu Dhabi lounge!